Alec x Sweven Projox Interiors : Elevating Hospitality with Arjan Rotana Hotel Renovation Masterpiece, Handover Countdown Begins!

Transforming dreams into reality!

Counting down the days until our grand reveal!

Sweven Projox takes immense pride and honor in delivering the prestigious project for Alec, and we are excited to initiate the handover phase. Sweven Projox is thrilled to be in the final stages of renovating Arjan Hotel by Rotana. Every detail, from the beginning to now, has been carefully handled. We've put in hard work and dedication to make sure everything is just right. Now, we're getting ready to hand over the results of the renovation. It's an exciting time as we see the project coming together, showcasing the combined efforts of our team and Alec. Sweven Projox is not just finishing a renovation; Sweven Projox is delivering a renewed and improved space to Arjan Hotel. This collaboration has been a journey of creativity and teamwork for Sweven Projox, and Sweven Projox can't wait for the hotel to enjoy the transformed outcome. Sweven Projox, as the key player in the fit-out process, meticulously ensures that every element aligns with Alec's distinctive vision. From the carefully selected furnishings to the customized fixtures, Sweven Projox showcases a commitment to elevating the space beyond conventional standards. The fit-out phase, handled with precision, brings to life Alec's signature style, setting a new benchmark in hospitality aesthetics. Sweven Projox takes pride in contributing to the successful synergy between a major client and a forward-thinking establishment, creating an environment that not only meets but surpasses expectations.

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