Sweven Projox Interiors Guides the Ongoing Fitout Renaissance of Sea Mirror Villas on Jumeirah Bay Island

Sweven Projox and Dutco Interiors Collaborated for Sea Mirror Villa Makeover

In a strategic move towards unparalleled excellence, Sweven Projox and Dutco Interiors have officially entered into a contract for the fitout of Sea Mirror Villas. This collaboration promises a harmonious blend of Sweven Projox's artistic expertise and Dutco Interiors' renowned proficiency in delivering top-notch interior solutions. The contract solidifies a partnership dedicated to elevating the luxury living experience within the exquisite Sea Mirror Villas, setting the stage for an extraordinary transformation. Sweven Projox Interiors takes the forefront in steering the ongoing fitout project, orchestrating a design renaissance within Sea Mirror Villas on Jumeirah Bay Island. Renowned as one of the best gypsum ceiling contractors, Sweven Projox Interiors is infusing these exclusive residences with a blend of artistic flair and precision engineering. Stay tuned as Sweven Projox Interiors continues to redefine elegance in this prestigious fitout project on Jumeirah Bay Island.

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